Stacey Plaskett Makes Historic Stance In Senate Impeachment Trial Of Trump

Stacey Plaskett
Stacey Plaskett

Stacey Plaskett is a Republican whose journey of life has now taken her away from housing projects in Brooklyn to a historic moment in the impeachment trial in the Senate against Donald Trump, former President.

Plaskett is a delegate from the Virgin Islands and among the 9 Democrats who have been allotted the task of prosecuting the impeachment case of the House against Trump. On the afternoon of Wednesday, she presented new evidence in the trial by showing an unreleased video of the Capitol Hill riot on 6th January.

New Evidence Against Trump Revealed By Stacey Plaskett

Stacey Plaskett has contended that Trump had triggered the violence that took place in the Capitol Hill building on 6th January and was the driving force for the rioters who wreaked havoc that day.

She stated that the violence was expected and Trump was clearly the one who started and supported the rioters in the violence. The attack was not out of the blue and was pre-planned by Trump. He knew the general people that he incited to go to Capitol and create violence.

He had foreseen the violence that could happen and encouraged those people and never condemned the entire incident. Stacey Plaskett further added that Trump knew that those rioters were capable of creating an immense amount of violence and did nothing to stop them.

Plaskett is the very 1st delegate to participate in the impeachment trial and it was a historic moment. She was a law student to Jamie Raskin at the American University.

Stacey Plaskett informed the Senate that the evidence was chilling and shocking, to say the least, and the video showed the rioters were hunting for Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and reached her office and openly threatened to harm her.