Ted Cruz Feels Heat From Duckworth, Veterans After His Comments On “Emasculated Military”

Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, Republican Texas Senator is facing a lot of heat and backlash from groups of veterans and members of former service after claiming that new videos of promotion are pushing this narrative of a very woke and emasculated military. Senator Ted Cruz made this remark via a tweet on Thursday along with sharing a clip that displayed an apparent military advertisement of Russia showing pictures of soldiers with shaved heads jumping from planes and doing exercise push-ups. 

After this, the video displays Emma Malonelord, an Army Corporal of the United States, in animation discussing the wedding of her mother, joining the service, and marching in favor of LGBTQ rights. Malonelord stated in the advertisement that from a very early age, he likes to defend freedom and its mandates. The senator of GTexas, Cruz cried holy crap while stating that perhaps a very woke and emasculated military doesn’t seem to be the most amazing idea. The tweet of Ted Cruz sparked a lot of heat and backlash immediately while generating various response tweets. This report comes from the Post. 

Tammy Duckworth Destroys Ted Cruz In Her Tweet!

Tammy Duckworth, Senator and a retired lieutenant colonel of the National Guard fired back at Ted Cruz with her tweet. She lost both her legs in 2004 while being in combat. Duckworth further added that maybe a senator of the United States shouldn’t talk about how the Russian military seems far better than the military of America that protected Cruz from the dangerous insurrection which he helped foment. In a separate follow-up tweet, which also included a photo of a group of female troops standing outside the Capitol. Duckworth added that in reality, Ted Cruz should be showing support to these courageous bad-ass women.