Usher Facing Difficult Time Coping With The Loss


Most human beings from childhood to adulthood share a great attachment with their grandparents. And celebrities are nothing exceptional regarding their grandparents, some of them do share a great bond, and now their absence is making everything around them difficult. Usher recently lost his grandma and how life has been treating him since he shared a post on Instagram.

Usher’s Instagram Post Dedicated To Her Grandma

Usher lost his grandma just the day before Christmas and took some days for himself to come around. He processed as early as possible he had people looking for him. He had to stay strong for others but broke down in silence. Usher remembers his grandma’s last words she told him everything has its own timing, even with living and dying. He shares how much he misses her right now and needs her more than ever.

Usher is a believer in god and he strongly believes the one watches over us and takes care of us. Last month during thanksgiving the singer gave 500 families healthy meals to the residents of a village, which basically provided shelter to women and children. Usher was accompanied by his elder sons. And he captioned the photo of that day with how blessed they are to even make people happy at least for a day.

And he clearly learned this helping nature from his grandma Tina, whose sudden death left him shattered. He remembers her every day and misses her more every day. The singer has two sons who are 14 and 15 with his ex, and currently has two children with his girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea, a girl 2 years and a boy 14 months.