False Taliban Video Shared By Some Republicans


A number of politicians belonging to the Republican Party promoted false claims with regard to the Taliban. It was stated that a man was executed by them from a helicopter. This incident took place on the 30th and the 31st of August that fell on a Monday and Tuesday. The politicians included Ted Cruz, a US Senator, and Dan Crenshaw, a Representative from the state of Texas. They shared a video to propagate theory.

Taliban Case Used To Criticize President Biden

The said Senator and the Representative took to the social media platform, Twitter, to share a video. The video revealed a man who was hanging loosely to a helicopter and he was tied to a rope that was connected to the helicopter. They said the video was actually uploaded by an account named “Holbornlolz.”

The caption that was given to the video read that a man was hanged to the helicopter by the Taliban. And it was also stated that the incident was from Kandahar, a famous city in Afghanistan. Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator, added his own words while he shared the video. He criticized the way Joe Biden, the Democratic President of the country, was handling the current situation in Afghanistan.

He called it a “catastrophe.” The Republican senator said that the helicopter that was used by the Taliban to hang the person was a “Blackhawk,” one of the helicopters of the United States of America. Another fellow Republican, Dan Crenshaw, did the same. He too criticized the Democratic President and blamed him for what the Taliban were doing in the country. He stated that he just handed over the entire country to them. As a matter of fact, it was not a video from Kandahar. And the man in question actually had a harness tied to him. He was even waving at some points.  

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