Michael Flynn Calls For 1 Religion In US

michael flynn
michael flynn

The former NSA to former President Donald Trump, Michael Flynn has invited a violent backlash of opinion after his call for a single American religion in the battle between good and evil. Michael Flynn was subpoenaed a week earlier by the January 6 committee probing the riots that overran Capitol Hill.

Michael Flynn made the controversial comment during his speech at a ReAwaken tour to an audience of conservative Christians. He said that if America is to have a single nation ruled by God, which it should, then there has to be one single religion. He repeated, 1 nation and 1 religion, all working together.

Flynn’s inflammatory message is being seen as the most recent in his history of making bizarre remarks. His statement contradicts the 1st Amendment that guarantees religious freedom.

Flynn has earlier been censured for making such outlandish comments. James Clapper, former Director, National Intelligence says that he feels that Flynn has become unhinged since 2014 with his brand of weird public statements.

Others have been just as scathing. Lt. General Mark Hertling said that Flynn was an embarrassment to the US Military and was a deviation from those who have proudly represented America. He called his statement disgusting.

Democratic lawmakers condemned Michael Flynn’s statement. Rep. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota tweeted that people like Flynn have the American Constitution. Rep. Ted Lieu, California, said that he was glad that America is the Constitutional Republic and not a theocracy.

Michael Flynn Had Earlier Admitted To Lying In 2017 to the FBI

Flynn had in 2017 pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI over his conversation with the then Russian ambassador. He had initially cooperated into the investigation but later backtracked and campaigned publicly for a pardon, ultimately getting one in from President Trump.

James Clyburn, Democratic Representative from South Carolina said that Michael Flynn wants to take away the religious freedom and independence on which the country was founded. He said that it was another instance of an ex-Trump aide’s effort to undermine democracy.

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