Michelle Yeoh Dedicates Her 2023 SAG Award To Every Lil Girl Who Resembles Her

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh said in her speech that this win is not only for her but for all the little girls around the world who resemble her, as she got presented for this year’s Screen Actor’s Guild leading lady award after her outstanding performance on ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once.’

SAG Award Comes To Its Rightful Owner With The Hands Of Michelle Yeoh As She Represents Her Minority 

On Sunday, the Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh won for her magnificent role as the female lead actor in the movie EEAAO at the Screens Actor Guild Award of 2023. The nominees who were included as well in the category were Cate Blanchett for Tar, Ana de Armas for Blonde, Viola Davis for The Woman King, and lastly Danielle Deadwyler for Till.

60-year-old Michelle Yeoh shared in her statement whilst accepting the grand honor that to get this award from SAG-AFTRA, who knows very well what it means to be standing on this stage here, she referred to the audience who have witnessed the journey, has been up on that rollercoaster of a ride, went through the highs and lows. She added most importantly we never for once gave up. She thanked all her supporters for their love, she knows she’s up against some titans, and rightfully so.

Michelle Yeoh took a pause in between her speech as she let out a little ‘s***’ turning away from the audience in tears, the actress couldn’t hold out her laugh at the given unbelievable moment and said the F word as the crowd applause in amusement. 

‘Thank you’ Yeoh continued to repeat the same sentence in a stammering voice as she told that this award represents not only her but every little girl around the world who look just like her. She went off to thank Sally Field for saying all the right little things. The EEAAO star speaks she’s glad to be able to get her seat on that table as many of them needed this.

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