Mike Pence Has Condemned Republican Apologists Of Putin

Mike Pence
mike pence

Mike Pence, the former Vice President of the United States, has condemned the actions of Putin apologists in the country- that stem from the Republican end. This has come to news from excerpts of his Friday speech to most of the top GOP donors, as retrieved by CNN.

Pence mentioned that there was absolutely no room for anyone who would defend the actions of Putin in this party. Only those who would be champions of freedom would be given space in this party. The remarks from the former Vice President come mere days after the former President of the country has called the leader of Russia savvy and genius for launching a full-scale invasion in Ukraine. 

Mike Pence Has Slammed The Former POTUS

Whilst speaking at an event that was hosted by the Republican National Committee in New Orleans, Mike Pence called on the Biden administration to take strict actions against the invading country, which also includes placing sanctions on the oil exports of the country. Pence stated that Putin only understood displays of strength. And, as members of the party that won the Cold War, there must be a deafening message sent from the States- Putin must either stop doing whatever he was doing- or he would be paying for his actions. 

Mike Pence has further stated that one must demand the American administration to increase military spending pronto. They should also start arming Ukraine with lethal weapons to counter the Russian armor and aircraft and President Joe Biden should be sanctioning all Russian oil exports worldwide. But one can understand that the main point of contention comes from his comments about Putin apologists in the party. 

Mike Pence has also taken a swipe at Trump, stating that there is no point fighting the battles of days long gone. One needs to forget what has been left behind while straining towards what is ahead.

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