Verstappen Holds Off Hamilton To Win US F1 GP Despite Brake Issues

US F1 Gp

Max Verstappen powered his way to another win this season at the US F1 GP. Despite technical issues, he managed to hold off Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes over the final laps. It was his fifteenth win of the season for the Red Bull driver and the fiftieth of his F1 career. At the US F1 GP, Verstappen started sixth and managed to hold off Hamilton till the end of the Circuit of the Americas.

The US F1 GP was way tougher for Verstappen in a season that has seen the 3-time champion exhibit complete domination. But the Dutch powered home at the US F1 GP thanks to the power of his Red Bull powertrains, the brand name of the Honda power unit. Honda is the official engine supplier to the Red Bull team till 2024 despite moving out of Formula One at the end of 2021.

The US F1 GP Is Verstappen’s 13 Win Out Of 14 This Season

Verstappen totally dominated this season till the US F1 GP even as the Mercedes manned by Hamilton was closing in fast over the final few laps. Verstappen later revealed that the whole race was a struggle as the brakes failed him. He said that it was his closest race of the season. He said that it was incredible to be winning his fifteenth grand prix and said he was proud of it. He said that the Red Bull team would continue to push for more.

Verstappen’s win at the US F1 GP tied the season record set by him in the previous season. He has proved even more of a dominating force this season in his Red Bull and the team has overwhelmed all other drivers and manufacturers competing in the F1. The Dutch ace split the initial 4 races with Sergio Perez, his teammate. But Verstappen has managed to win 13 out of his last 14. His points alone would be enough to put Red Bull at the top of the team standings.