Money Heist Season Five Premiere Recap!

Money Heist
Money Heist

On Friday, many Netflix users got excited by watching the Money Heist Season Five premiere! The Money Heist Season Five premiere also made many fans wonder how the professor can get out of these immensely tight jams that he has gotten himself into. In four seasons we have seen the professor coming up with brilliant ideas in getting out of tight jams. This has become one of the wildest and most popular series on Netflix. 

Can This Be The End Of The Professor In Money Heist?

On Friday, one-half of the highly anticipated fifth season got released on Netflix. In the first episode, a helpless professor was chained and then tortured by the disgraced inspector and a merciless pregnant woman, Alicia Sierra. Alicia also shot the left ankle of the professor.

Out of coercion from the inspector, the helpless professor then contacted his crew members in the Spanish Royal Bank to say goodbye and apologize for getting them in the mess. The crew has been taking refuge inside the Royal Spanish Bank for over a hundred hours. The defeat appeared to the fans as plausible and palpable enough. 

But wait, this is Money Heist we are talking about and the lead character is the professor. So, it doesn’t yet seem to be the end of the heist or the professor. Also, the professor has previously told Lisbon that they do not have a second Plan B for the heist, so the tension can be felt on the faces of the members.

They still have not recovered from the tragic death of poor Nairobi. Let’s see what Money Heist comes up with next! However, fans have also suggested that the nephew of Professor, also the son of Berlin, can be a backup plan! This has not yet been confirmed by Netflix, but it seems like a good possibility! Money Heist can be so interesting at times!