Nancy Pelosi Predicts That Biden’s 1.9 Trillion Dollars Plan To Be Voted On Next Week

nancy pelosi
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, on Thursday spoke about the 1.9 trillion dollars plan for Covid-19 relief. She said that the vote on the proposal by President Joe Biden for the package could be voted on by next week. The Impeachment for then-President Donald Trump is now over. Hence, the House can completely shift their focus on the rescue mission by President Joe Biden. The new plan also includes a recirculating 1,400 dollar cheque being rotated for federal unemployment in American. 

Individual committees have now been talking about the details of the package. One of them is a potential hike in the minimum wage— which will be 15 dollars. However, this may happen before the bill is presented against the House Floor. The package has been rammed by the Democrats in Congress. They have been using a tactic that is rarely used, called ‘budget reconciliation.’ It lets them bypass any such Republican dissent. And the ball will be then passed with a mere majority vote. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi further added comments to the topic of the bill. 

Nancy Pelosi’s Briefing On The Topic

Nancy Pelosi spoke on the Biden-bill for COVID-19 relief. She said that following the bypass, it all goes to Rules Of Committee. The votes are then carried out and will happen by next week, she said, she “hoped.” Nancy Pelosi said she felt like she had been working with the team “24/7” for a large number of weeks to be on schedule about the Biden rescue plan. 

The plan is President Joe Biden’s first fight in legislation against the coronavirus. It has also for a while now been the most critical focus of his campaign and administration. His administration has famously refused to speak publicly about Donald Trump’s Impeachment in the Senate. He and his administration have urged several lawmakers to “go big” when it comes to the coronavirus relief aid.