Pixel 4a leaked launch date will be cutting it close

After Pixel 3a’s launch last year, the world had been eagerly waiting for the launch of its next model, Pixel 4a. But the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown hit and took a toll on industries and economies throughout the world.

After a delay of approximately two months, the launch of Pixel 4a is reportedly scheduled in an upcoming couple of weeks. Two days before Samsung’s Unpacked 2020 event, that is, the Third of August has been chosen and given by Jon Prosser.

Word was spreading that the launch of Pixel 4a would be with the launch of Pixel 5a, which is scheduled to be in the month of October. These reports have turned out to be rumors, with the announcement of its recent launch.

The decision comes at a time when the One Plus Nord’s announcement has been made and just before the Samsung event, which makes it susceptible to losing its appeal partially in a competitive, monopolistic market where it gets immensely important to have coverage to appeal to the consumers. Then again, no phone has ever rivaled Pixel’s speed in Android updates but that advantage may have become almost negligible given the growing list of hardware issues that phones from Google have presented over the years and generations.

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