Neera Tanden’s Possible Choice Of Departments Following Her Nomination Withdrawal

Neera Tanden
Neera Tanden

There is so much suspense surrounding the plans of Neera Tanden. Following the withdrawal of her nomination to the Budget and Management office that took place this Tuesday, there is a bigger question that is to be answered. According to popular expectations, the nominee of President Joe Biden will start contributing to his administration in the West Wing of the White House. However, considering the situations at hand, this too is very unlikely to happen. This is because it is already occupied.

The Neera Tanden Question Continues To Linger

Neera Tanden’s withdrawal comes from the fact that she had been opposed by a few important leaders. They clearly stated that they would not be supporting the 50-year-old Democratic owing to her activities over social media. She had accused some leaders on social media.

According to sources, Neera Tanden is most likely to take over something that has nothing to do with the confirmation of the Senate. What people are looking for currently, is an announcement from her regarding the responsibilities she chooses to take over.

Considering the possibilities of the work she is fit to take over, Neera Tanden can be a part of the White House Domestic Policy Council. This is the department she can ace. This is because she is one of those who have run the think tank of the Democratic Party for several years. However, there is a downside to this possibility. The job is already taken over by Susan Rice. And according to an advisor from the White House, Rice does not give up on her grip that often.

The other arena for Tanden is health care. The lady is well equipped with experience when it comes to this department. She has provided her service as an advisor to the secretary of Health and Human Services. This was during when the US president was Barrack Obama. But this too is very unlikely to take place because of the lack of vacancy.