New Quantumania Trailer Released, Massive Support On Twitter


Paul Rudd is returning as Ant-Man and the excitement couldn’t get any higher. The Quantumania is the third installment of the Ant-man series. And it’s returning as The wasp: Quantumania. Releasing in 2023 February.

Quantumania Creates A Havoc In The MCU

Fans cannot keep calm, the trailer of Quantumania has already been lit, and Jonathan Majors playing the role of the villain Kang. And so far fans have gone crazy already with Kang’s moves. The first time the fans are more excited about the villain rather than the hero. Seems like Jonathan Majors conquered the fanbase already. The new story is about how Scott, Hope, and Janet are all transported to Quantum Realm.

Janet was surprised to know about Cassandra’s intention, rather petrified. The Quantum realm ultimately sucks them into it and all ways to go back to terra firma closes. Bill Murray’s character’s name is yet to be disclosed, but he made quite an appearance. It is difficult for both Scott and Hope to save the world which is shrinking to tiny sizes and deal with threats at the same time. But nothing compared to what Janet has been through.

The danger of all Cassie and Scott crossing paths with Kang is goosebumps. Fans have already met Kang in the season 1 finale of Loki. Just like other villains in the movies Kang asking for help from Scott is equally sinister,Kang;s surprising help to Scott to bring him home, creates suspense. In the near future, by 2025 fans will be witnessing Kang in avengers, the Kang dynasty is on the road. The trailer revealed the magnificent villain of all time Kang.