New Updates From Pete Carroll On Seahawks Star Jamal Adam’s Injury

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll

There were valid worries that Seattle Seahawks standout Jamal Adams’ injury was serious as he was carried off the field during Monday’s game against the Denver Broncos. After head coach Pete Carroll disclosed the state of their safety, the Seattle faithful’s fears, unfortunately, came to pass.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Seahawks strategist, Pete Carroll, revealed that Adams had a “severe injury” to his quad during a press conference following their historic victory over the Broncos. Even though the severity and type of the injuries were not disclosed, Carroll’s update was sufficient to cause alarm.

For those who missed it, Jamal Adams hurt himself while tackling Russell Wilson, the current Broncos quarterback and a former colleague from the Seahawks. Adams nearly got Wilson but missed because he landed behind the signal-caller and appeared to strike the ground hard with his leg. It was initially believed that he had a knee problem, but it appears that the majority of the damage was done to his quad.

Pete Carroll Says Seahawk Star Jamal Adam’s Injury Can Be Serious: 

Once Adams has undergone additional testing, Pete Carroll, the Seahawks gaffer, is anticipated to reveal more information about his injury. Let’s hope that rather than bad news, there will be more good news to come out of it. Even though the season has only begun, Seattle gaffer Pete Carroll says he will need all the assistance they can get if they want to maintain their positive momentum.

Before getting hurt, Adams had three tackles and one pass defense, which came on a close call. For the remainder of the game, Josh Jones took his position. Ryan Neal is another safety option for Seattle. While Adams missed the 2020 season with a groin ailment, Neal made four starts.

Not to mention that Jamal Adams still plays a key role in their defense. He finished Monday’s game with three tackles.