New Taliban Visa Curbs By US For Repression On Women

Taliban visa

The Taliban has imposed severe restrictions on Afghan women and has banned them from holding public discourses and rallies. They have also prevented Afghan women from attending schools and universities and imposed severe restrictions on women, including preventing them from going to parks. This has prompted the US to impose Taliban visa restrictions.

The US state secretary Antony Blinken said that he was taking action today to impose additional Taliban visa restrictions that included members, non-state security groups, and other individuals and groups who are believed to be part of that group.

Blinken said that the repressive actions included the decision by the Taliban to ban women from working at NGOs, and universities. Since its return, the Taliban has restricted women from multiple activities. Blinken has added that America has continued to coordinate with close allies and to make it clear that any negative action will invite special Taliban visa restrictions. Taliban visa resection will apply to both past and current members. By end-December, the Taliban had begun barring women from all walks of life.

Taliban Visa Restrictions Necessary: Blinken

Blinken said that the Taliban visa restriction was necessary as they had imposed severe restrictions including barring women and children from participating in public life. This included attending schools beyond other public discourses.

The US Taliban visa restriction included those involved in repressing girls and women in Afghanistan. Blinken said that the US would continue to press the Taliban to respect human rights and the fundamental freedom of women in Afghanistan.

The US has reiterated its commitment to the people of Afghanistan. It has assured the people of this nation that it would continue to promote and protect the fundamental freedom and human rights of every Afghan. The US fears that the numbers will only grow with time.

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