Nick Cannon Is Still In Love With Jessica White Following The Latter’s Miscarriage

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Nick Cannon revealed that he was still madly in love with Jessica White after she suffered a miscarriage. The host of the Daily Cannon, 42, admitted this in an interview on the Jason Lee Show on Monday, where he called the 38-year-old White his muse. The father of 12 went on to gush that White had overcome so many obstacles, which made her an angel for a lot of individuals, who operated on a higher frequency.

Cannon also applauded White for opening up about her pregnancy loss in a Jason Lee interview in 2021. Cannon stated that when she opened up about this loss, especially when it happened to one of the mothers of his children, he didn’t know what was appropriate or even acceptable to say in such a situation. Further, he claimed that no one should be able to dictate what such a woman would be thinking of when dealing with such a big loss. 

Nick Cannon Opens Up About Jessica White

Nick Cannon also took complete accountability for any and all misconceptions that could have been placed on White due to his notoriety in public. He explained that he wanted her to share her entire story without any hesitation or fear. But, she would have to do it when she was ready- there was no correct time for that. He also clarified that he would never consider himself entitled enough to speak for any woman who has gone through something so terrible- as they could all speak for themselves. 

White had previously informed Lee that her romance with Nick Cannon had completely fizzled out because he chose the wrong time to share his baby news with Brittany Bell. White claimed that Bell knew that she had gone through a miscarriage- so the timing was completely wrong.