Nicola Sturgeon Suggested Offering Sole Serious Leadership To Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon

Recently Nicola Sturgeon made the claim that she is the only person who is providing serious leadership to Scotland at the moment. On the other hand, new polls have revealed that the National Party of Scotland is now going to seize a very small majority during the important Holyrood elections next week.

Nicola Sturgeon is the first incumbent minister and a strong favorite in power after 7 years was attacked by the opponents on 2nd May, Sunday. Sturgeon continued to claim the mandate for a new legal referendum for Scottish independence. Meanwhile, the opponents attacked her by stating that she is trying to snatch the 2nd place and her administration has no plans for the government.

Hard Battle For Nicola Sturgeon

The hopes of Sturgeon surged a little after the research poll done by BMG that was published on Sunday in ‘The Herald’. The poll indicated that the SNP is en route to winning almost 68 seats. In case they manage to achieve this, they will get the majority out of 7.

Sturgeon is also facing new competition for the constituency ballots of voters during this election. The big competitor is Alex Salmond who is the former mentor turned nuisance and hoping to get a supermajority.

Salmond is representing Alba Party which is a new party with a constituency-only campaign. This strategy plays on the Additional Member of Scotland’s voting system. It also witnessed the politician from Green Party being re-elected in the 1999 Holyrood election.

Sturgeon has shown her inclination to hold ‘wildcat’ consultative referendum that refuses to accept the mandate for votes towards Boris Johnson. She has also rejected the pressure from Alba Party to begin negotiations over a new plebiscite with Westminster immediately from May 6 election.

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