Nicolas Cage Takes His Wedding Vows For The Fifth Time

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage continues to live his life just as large as his on-screen personas as he has reportedly married for the fifth time. The bride this time is named Riko Shibata. She hails from Kyoto, Japan, and is aged 26. She is younger to Cage by more than thirty years, and to Cage’s first son by four.

The fourth marriage with Erika Koike had ended after just four days. It had happened in March 2019, with video clips showing Cage shouting about how he was being tricked into the marriage registration. Later he had admitted to being drugged at the time and had no awareness of what exactly was happening.

Nicolas Cage’s Engagement Details

Riko and Cage had apparently met back in 2020 when Cage was in Tokyo. Cage had revealed in an interview that she had gone back to Tokyo after half a year in New York. They had continued seeing each other over the internet where Cage proposed and mailed her the engagement ring.

The wedding took place at the Wynn Casino and Hotel, in Las Vegas. Cage was seen wearing a black Tom Ford tuxedo. Riko wore a traditional black kimono made in Kyoto. The vows consisted of both Christian and Shinto phrases with a few haikus sprinkled in.

Cage said they are very happy and are now focusing on enjoying their newly-wed life. 

Nicolas Cage had first married Patricia Arquette back in 1995. After separating in 2001, he then married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley. The marriage only lasted two years with Cage next pairing up with Alice Kim in 2004. She is the mother of their only son Kal-El. Cage’s eldest son Weston Cage is by his girlfriend Christina Fulton. Then there was the disastrous and surprising fourth marriage with Erica Koike.