Papa John’s continues hiring spree with pledge to bring on 10,000 more workers

Papa John’s announced that they are on the verge of hiring close to 10000 workers more considering the surging rise of pizza demands as lockdown keeps functioning underway. According to major reports, people sheltering themselves from the pandemic have been ordering far more from Papa John’s than they had before.

The company has recently employed 20,000 workers, after an initial workforce unit of 16,500 workers. Currently, the spokesperson for the company mentioned that the company employs more than 75,000 people all over America- including its franchised restaurants.

Papa John’s isn’t the only one that is trying to meet the demands. Other pizza chains such as Pizza Hut, and Domino’s have announced their plans to hire thousands amidst growing unemployment in the nation. Large restaurants like McDonald’s and Chipotle have also planned to expand their workforce to meet demands under lockdown.

Papa John’s will also increase the college tuition programme, bringing in a couple of more colleges. Families working in this company would have to pay a significantly lower amount of tuition fees to study in the universities. And as far as shares go, they have risen 48% this year.