Pokémon Legends New Release A Gamechanger!

Pokémon Legends
Pokémon Legends

Pokémon Legends has been an all-time favorite for game lovers. All of its past editions were massive hits among the gamers. The gameplay, story arc, and graphics seemed to be absolutely on point. The newest release of the series, Arceus, is promising to take away the breath of the fans! The game is expected to break all sorts of records. It is all set to release in the month of January 2022. More details about the game are provided below. 

Pokémon Legends: The First Of Its Kind

The gameplay will be based on an open-world scenario. This was the first time a Pokémon game has been designed like this. Players will have to play the role of Pokémon master. The initial location for the game is speculated to be the region of Sinnah. The timeline of the upcoming game will also be an interesting one. Pokémon Legends will be preceding the timeline of Pokémon Diamond & Pokémon Pearl. The mystery of the Arceus also remains to be addressed. Arceus is a legendary pokémon.

A player in the game will portray the character of a team member. Galaxy Expedition Team will have other fellow members as well. The team is all set to explore the different regions of Sinnoh. Each player will have the task of catching and researching various pokémons. Jubalife Village will serve as the base camp for all the expeditions. 

Pokémon Legends’ latest release is unlike the traditional games so far. Previously the games used to function as a mode of battling pokémons. However, the upcoming edition will function as a real-life battlefield. Players need to structure their strategies. They will take targets from the locals and try to achieve them. The much-anticipated game will be available on Nintendo Switch. 

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