Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Rep. Ted Yoho hits home for many other women in politics and business

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the House floor to deliver a powerful response to Rep. Ted Yoho. This came after Yoho aggressively confronted Cortez outside the Capitol and delivered a non-apology to defend his own behavior. She called out the ongoing acceptance of “violence and violent language against women” inside and outside of politics.

The congresswoman described how previously in the week, while walking in Capitol, Yoho called her “disgusting,” “crazy,” “out of [her] mind” and “dangerous” all because she suggested unemployment and poverty numbers are causing an increase in crime in New York City during the pandemic. When Cortez told Yoho he was being rude, he walked away, calling her a “a f—ing b—-. This was overheard by nearby reporters. 

Cortez wanted to address Yoho’s Wednesday apology. He had said, “Having been married for 45 years with two daughters, I’m very cognizant of my language” and he also apologized if his words were mistaken.

“I could not allow my nieces, I could not allow the little girls that I go home to, I could not allow victims of verbal abuse and worse to see that, to see that excuse and to see our Congress accept it as legitimate and accept it as an apology and to accept silence as a form of acceptance,” Cortez said.