Kemba Walker Might Be The Hero In The New Fairy Tale

Boston Celtics

Knicks might be looking at one of their best days if Kemba Walker comes home to the Garden, in New York.

Some of the point guards at the Garden have done wonderful things. McGuire has his number hanging in the rafters, Jackson had received the rookie of the year, “The Dream” Meminger won the 1970 NIT at the Garden. 

Brief Journey Into The Stardom Of Kemba Walker 

Kemba Walker is currently taking the same route. He was a star player in Rice and met up with Derrick Rose while playing for Chicago Simeon High. Kemba Walker had also won 5, consecutively, in UConn and the Big East Tournament. He later won 6 more in the NCAA, which was hailed to be one of the best college-level basketball stories ever told. He became an All-Star player in Boston and Charlotte.

Kemba Walker is now 31 and coming back home. He is coming back home at a reasonable salary and will team up with Rose in the point guard position. 

The Knicks are asking the question if they can get the Kemba Walker- Rose duo to play for 140 games in the season. Tom Thibodeau will be making a huge decision in choosing what his team requires. 

Instead of thinking about all these pitfalls, we can cherish the moment where Kemba Walker will be coming home and the excellent point guards will combine to create something special. The fans are expecting beautiful offenses with DeBusschere on the right and Bernard on the left flanks.

Kemba Walker held his ground for Rice while Rose was representing Simeon. The team from Manhattan shut down in 2011, where Kemba scored 16 and had to guard Rose for the entirety of the game. This raised a lot of eyebrows. 

14 years later after this meet, these 2 megastars have met. One of them boasts of an NCAA title while the other was the runner-up. They both have a combination of 7 All-Star matches, 1 MVP trophy, and 2 All-NBA shoutouts. The Eastern Conference is expected to be tougher this coming year and these 2 stars will be holding the ball in their hands to help the Knicks stay above the water.