Ricky Martin Sues Nephew for $20 Million

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin’s rep confirmed to TheWrap on Wednesday that the singer and actor have filed a lawsuit worth $20 million against his nephew who was accused Martin of sexual abuse.

The case, filed in S. Juan, claims that Yadiel is attempting to “assassinate [Martin’s] character and integrity.” The charges were made “maliciously. They were without any reasonable cause, with grave disdain for the honesty and knowledge and were untrue.”

Sanchez Filed A Restraining Order On Ricky Martin

Sánchez sought a restraining order aimed at Ricky Martin in July, alleging a 7-month incestuous connection with his uncle, who also claimed was pursuing and harassing him. Martin disputed the alarming charges, while his nephew retracted his claims, “admitting under oath that Plaintiff had never sexually attacked him.”

According to the complaint, Sánchez has maintained his harassment campaign, including revealing Ricky Martin’s private mobile. He also established an Insta account for Martin’s minor children.

The lawsuit, referring to Sánchez as a “maladjusted person,” seeks $20 million in restitution for missed multi-million dollar business and reputational harm done to Martin.

Martin, who now feels “unsafe” in his native nation wants Sanchez barred from interacting with him and his family “personally, and/or through social networks.”