RNC Marketing Data No Longer In Wanted By Jan 6 Committee

RNC Marketing Data

RNC Marketing Data was one of the main points of controversy for the January 6 Committee. The committee was very much keen on obtaining access to the data. They wanted to present the data to the public when the hearings would begin in the next month. An announcement was made on Sunday that has potentially diffused one of the most significant subpoenas in regards to the US Capitol Attacks.

The attacks were one of the biggest security breaches as well as the most tragic incident in recent US history. Thousands of protesters went to the White House and attacked it violently. The circuit of DC stated recently that the RNC Marketing Data does not look likely to be prepared within the estimated time frame. The court has asked the circuit to postpone the proceedings until later in the year.

Several lawyers informed the court that they believed that the data will not be fully prepared within the hearing date. The report also stated that the information will not serve any purpose in the recent hearing. Thus, it will be used as a document that would be used for future reference. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

RNC Marketing Data Will Not Be Available Recently 

RNC Marketing Data controversy has suffered quite an anti-climax. The data was the most sought-after thing in recent times by the committee investigating the attacks of 6th January. However, the committee has recently stated that the data is no longer required on an immediate basis. 

The RNC Marketing Data was expected to play a key position in the recent hearing of the case. However, as per the recent reports, the data will be used for hearings scheduled later in the year. 

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