Ron DeSantis Has Claimed Credit For Sending Migrants To Martha’s Vineyard

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, recently claimed all the credit for sending a couple of planes carrying migrants to Massachusetts on Wednesday. This was reported in a statement that was mailed from his office to CNN. The statement read that the office of the Governor did confirm that the couple of planes that had illegal immigrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard– which was a part of the relocation program of the state to transport illegal immigrants to the destination sanctuaries.

The statement further stated that several states like New York, Massachusetts, and California had been facilitating the care of the individuals who they previously invited to the country by incentivizing illegal immigration through the open border policies of the POTUS.

Ron DeSantis Claimed That He Had Sent 50 Migrants To Massachusetts

According to Ron DeSantis, close to 50 migrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday on two separate planes. This was reported by the state senator for Massachusetts, Sen. Julian Cyr, a Democrat who usually represents the place. The two planes had touched down after 3 pm, and a few white vans took the migrants to the Community Services in Martha’s Vineyard. Cyr maintained that there was absolutely no advance notice to any individual in the area or the state where these migrants were arriving. 

Speaking about the mini-crisis caused by Ron DeSantis, Cyr responded that the island had to literally fret around to deal with this onrush of migrants. Therefore, they had to establish shelters- which could be the equivalent of a Nor’easter or a hurricane. They managed to set that up in just a few hours, after which the families received a hot meal. Subsequently, they were tested for Covid, and are currently spending the night in shelters.