Trinity Rodman Sends A Message To World Cup During Her Stellar Match Against Wales

Trinity Rodman
Trinity Rodman

In a recent soccer match between the United States and Wales, the former won with a dominating score of 2-0. The match was held in San Jose on 9th July, Sunday. This was a friendly match for the World Cup for Women that eventually made a suitable push for the opening position for Trinity Rodman. 

This young US player is the daughter of Dennis Rodman, a former NBA player. Trinity Rodman was introduced in the game as a substitute player after the match restarted post-interval. Rodman played a stellar match and successfully managed to score twice during the game. 

Trinity Rodman Emerges As The Rising Star 

The team of United States was seen struggling in their friendly match against Wales. The defenders of Wales were strong enough to hold the US team from scoring in the entire first half of the match. Ultimately, after the interval, Trinity Rodman was brought to the field by the US team and the scenario changed quickly. Trinity Rodman is of 21 years of age and changed the course of the match as well as made a convincing point to secure a position in the team. 

Women’s Soccer Sees Amazing Performance 

The United States team substituted Alex Morgan for Trinity Rodman during the second half of the game against Wales. Rodman came in with solid conviction and energy to attack that made a breakthrough in the seventy-sixth minute of the match. 

Sophia Smith tried to secure Welsh defence in the left but the ball slipped to Rodman, who successfully managed to slot it home. Trinity Rodman did not stop there and ensured their victory with a second score. They edged the ball with an amazing shot in the top corner for a second point.

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