Scott Perry Actively Participated In Perpetuating 2020 Election Fraud For Trump

Scott Perry
Scott Perry

Newly available court papers reveal that Republican Rep. Scott Perry played a key and proactive role in promoting false claims of fraud. He persistently contacted the executive branch during the presidential elections in 2020 and tried to influence them to back Trump’s claim of election fraud.

The allegation of Trump, Scott Perry, and other key Trump associates to upend the 2020 election results, has returned to haunt him. He now faces a legal battle with the DOJ to prevent them from accessing his mobile phone.

Rep. Scott Perry’s mobile was seized as part of the elaborate inquiry into the January 6 riots and the massive attempt to thwart the result of the 2020 presidential election. A federal court will hear Scott Perry’s arguments about granting access to his phone.

The legal battle between the DoJ and Scott involved the speech or debate clause Scott Perry had mentioned to prevent the department from getting its hands on his phone and its contents. This clause normally protects the legislative work of members. But former prosecutors say it is not a protection against potential criminal activity that does not involve legislative matters.

Scott Perry In Touch With Executive Officials To Influence 2020 Elections

Beryl Howell, Chief Judge of the District Court in DC, wrote that Scott Perry had actively courted Executive Branch officials and initiated lines of communication with them. She said they were proactive, persistent, and protracted. His move was part of a sustained campaign to get officials of the Executive Branch to take more aggressive steps to turn the election in favor of then-President Trump.

Close to seven hundred records reveal his active interest in electors and election security while also revealing his open communication with the Trump campaign team. The fresh records reveal more about the scope of the fight to use Scott Perry’s phone for more evidence to support the ongoing criminal investigation centered around the presidential election in 2020.