Sean Hannity slams Portland, Seattle mayors for ‘aiding and abetting’ ongoing violence

Fox News host, Sean Hannity, recently came out to criticize the Portland and Seattle governors. He accused them of supporting the violence and unlawful activities going on in their states. 

Protests across America have been continuing even as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. The Black Lives Matter movement found major traction after George Floyd was murdered by a police officer earlier this year. 

The two states of Seattle and Portland have seen major violence in the past few days. Cases of violence on protestors have surged after the White House sent federal troops to both the states. The Democratic governors of both states have criticized the Trump administration for overstepping their boundaries. 

Hannity, on his show, further praised Donald Trump for taking decisive actions to bring the states back to normal.

Hannity added, “The president has been offering these cities, these mayors and governors help again and again to help them restore order and safety and security.” And further told the mayors that they should just take the federal help in quashing the recent political upheaval. 

Hannity also called the democratic governors and mayors “irresponsible.”

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