Sean Lowe’s Family Dog Rehomed After His Bite Sends His Son To The ER

Sean Lowe

Following the Bullmastiff’s emergency hospital visit, Sean Lowe and his wife, Catherine Lowe found a new home for the family dog.

The “Bomb City” star revealed to his followers on Instagram this Wednesday that Gus, his son Samuel’s dog, bit him on the back of his head a few weeks ago while he bent over to pet the dog. The outcome was a visit to the emergency room and a few stitches in the head, the 39-year-old ex-reality star recalled.

Sean Lowe Reveals Their Dog Gus’ Aggressive Tendencies And The Process Of Rehoming Him

Sean Lowe continued his Story by saying that irrespective of how much he loved his dog, the protection of his kids was his priority. He further added that his dog, Gus was now in another beautiful place with his trainer. He acknowledged that he died a bit inside giving his dog away but mentioned that there had been similar instances of attack before as well. The dog had previously attacked Mia, 3, their daughter, after which he and his wife Catherine did all they could to prevent such an incident but it was getting difficult to ignore Gus’ aggressive behavior any longer.

The reality TV alum had also said that his son, Samuel was much better and had recovered fully from the unfortunate incident. The result, according to 39-year-old Sean Lowe, was a trip to the emergency room and a staple in the head.

While speaking of Gus, he said, that they had brought him home when he was merely a pup, and years later rehoming him made it a bit difficult to accept. He missed his dog a lot and so did his children, however, they needed to do what had to be done. Thus, rehoming was their only option.