Simon Cowell’s Act Of Kindness

Simon Cowell

The 63 years old producer and judge Simon Cowell, who has been running the show for over a decade now, changed many lives with his feedback and golden buzzer. And recently he did change Mike E. Winfield’s life. To Simon Cowell’s surprise, he came back as a changed man and even a participant. His history was made.

Simon Cowell Made Someone’s Dream Come True

Almost every participant’s dream is to get the golden buzzer or a golden ticket, and this isn’t the first time Simon Cowell has made dreams come true. And in the future, he will do it again. Everyone gets sick to their stomach before the audition and Simon Cowell’s feedback means the most. Mike E. Winfield previously auditioned for the AGT in season 17 but couldn’t get through because he wasn’t good enough, and of course, Cowell’s comment broke him.

He came on Monday’s episode and Cowell gave him what he craved for such a long time. And also mentioned how confident he is, his consistency praiseworthy. Mike did work on himself and his hard work was there.

It was an unrealistic moment for Mike, he said he was on cloud nine even after the moment was over. These are the moment people look for and cherish forever. The first comedian to receive the golden buzzer from Cowell.

The whole audition was incredibly intimidating, and he was at ease cause his jokes makes him comfortable.

Mike’s performance was so great Mandel even told him if Simon Cowell didn’t press the golden buzzer, he would have. They hang out together now, forming a bond, and Mike hangs out at the production which is surreal for him.

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