Yung Miami’s Love Life Caught The Eyes

Yung Miami

Initially, Yung Miami denied dating anyone, but her Instagram stories were showing something else. They have done their trips to exotic locations and so much PDA with rapper Diddy. Their dating rumor started in the summer of 2021, and both of them denied any type of involvement with each other. And last year Diddy appeared on Yung Miami’s podcast.

Yung Miami Is In A Open Relationship 

Last year’s podcast of Yung Miami Caresha Please, cleared the air about her and Diddy dating. He did say ‘we date’ and Yung asked what ‘we’ is. Still, he mentioned they are friends, they go on dates and to exotic locations, and they also see other people. They are in an open relationship. Diddy did show up at some major events for Yung Miami.

And vice versa. When Diddy won the BET lifetime achievement award Yung Miami was there to support him, holding a red sign written ‘go papi’ on it. But Diddy failed to acknowledge the sweet gesture, rather he mentioned his exes. Later he did post that video on his Instagram and appreciated Yung Maimi’s gesture with ‘thank you, shawty wop’.

And to Yung Maimi, the definition of dating is slightly different, they are single yet they are dating, which is as confusing as it sounds. And clarified her part, that she is having fun with herself, working, and enjoying. He is also doing the same but couldn’t clarify what exactly he is doing, even if he is seeing other people why they are she has no clue and rather she didn’t want to know. She is young so seeing people or even meeting new people is what she must be doing

But Yung Miami’s new year’s post with him cleared the drama or misunderstanding, where she captioned another 365 days around the world with you.