‘Snake Eyes” Fails To Impress The Fans!

Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes

The movie, “Snake Eyes” fails to impress its fans as the reactions currently range from clenched teeth emojis to generic ones. The spinoff of the movie, “GI-Joe”, “Snake Eyes’ ‘ couldn’t be a hit among the fans. The reactions of the fans seem overwhelmingly negative at this point. 

“Snake Eyes” Didn’t Manage To Get Good Reviews!

The fans who had already managed to see the early screenings generally praised the performance of Andrew Koji, co-star, in the role of the Storm Shadow. However, that is usually it. The remaining members of the cast didn’t receive any appreciation or praise from the fans. The feedback related to the movie, “Snake Eyes” ranged from outright filth reading to constructive criticism.

The movie primarily focuses on the origins of the masked commando. The role was played by actor Henry Golding. The fans usually had complaints regarding the script, story, and pacing of the movie. They also questioned some of the aesthetic decisions and choices made by Robert Schwentke, director of the movie. Nichols Whitcomb, YouTuber said that the movie was a huge letdown. 

The reboot is plagued with a bad script and a generic story. It appears to be no strike and all hiss. In “Snake Eyes” there are a few breathtaking and amazing action sequences. However, the action sequences got muddled down with the help of the unimpressive and weak plot. Aaron Neuwirth, the Critic, said that “Snake Eyes” is an origin story that seems pretty generic for today’s world. However, he also said that the performance given by actor Andrew Koji in the movie stole many hearts. Umberto Gonzales, the fanboy of Snake Eyes, called the movie a big disaster. However, the movie had a few good reviews too. They seem far more effusive in comparison to the negative reviews. 

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