Social Security Disability Income: The Applicable Income Limits For Disabled People

social security disability

Getting through the limits of income for Insurance for Social Security Disability (SSID) is anything but easy. This is because the Administration of Social Security (SSA) has certain conditions while they evaluate income. As such, understanding their basics is vital if anyone wishes to qualify for this payment.

Social Security Disability Helps Considerably But Getting To It Is Complex

How much you earn from work is the basis for the limits of income that determine your eligibility for the Insurance for Social Security Disability. In 2020, a monthly income limit of $1260 was set. However, for those who are clinically blind, the limit of income was increased to $2110. It is important to note that the SSA considers blindness as one of the unique disabilities that carries additional expenses.

As such, it is absolutely vital for applicants to remain within the SSA’s set income limits. Anyone whose income is more than the limits may not be considered disabled by the SSA. However, even if you are working while disabled, the Social Security Disability benefits can be enjoyed provide you do not earn more than the limit of income.

Furthermore, for the limits of the Social Security Disability, income that is not earned, like assets or a spouse’s income, is not taken into account while calculating your limit of income. However, if you happen to be an SSI applicant as well, be aware that the SSA will consider these kinds of payments. In 2020, the income limit for SSI was set at a monthly $735.

While evaluating the Social Security Disability eligibility, the SSA will also consider SGA (substantial gainful activity). The income will be called SGA should it be more than the limits, lowering the chances of your claim being approved, regardless of your disabling condition.

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