Massive Direct Stimulus Checks Coming In Only 10 Days

Stimulus Check
Stimulus check

Alaska is set to start distributing the first group of its annual dividend stimulus checks depending on that state’s oil wealth. This time around, there will also be another one-time payment coupled with it for energy relief. The latter is aimed at helping Alaskans deal with the high costs of energy.

Alaska’s Prompt Stimulus Check Plan

The state of Alaska will begin sending out the direct payments which should reflect in accounts at banks starting from September 20th. Any resident who had chosen to receive this payment should receive somewhere around $3,200. The figures and dates have been supplied by Governor Mike Dunleavy along with the Alaska Revenue Department in July. Subsequently, paper forms of the stimulus checks will begin to be distributed in October.

Dunleavy had tweeted about his pleasure at announcing that the deposit day for the PFD is going to be earlier than usual in 2022 that is September 20. He was also pleased to state that the stimulus checks for the dividends should be exceeding $3,200 per individual. He explained that Alaskan residents had to wait for 7 years before they were able to get a sizable and fair dividend. Of course, the timing makes it even more important.

Officials, however, had to rack their brains as to the final amount of the stimulus check payments. The state senate of Alaska had, at first, approved a payout worth $5,500. However, in May, the Alaskan State House rejected that amount. Following subsequent negotiations, the stimulus check payments were decided to be $3,200.

The Revenue Department is still processing the over 78,000 applicants as they rush to figure out the eligible residents from the rest. Once the list has been finalized, bank accounts will begin receiving the checks on September 20th while paper stimulus checks should be expected from October 3rd.

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