Stimulus Check California Update

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Stimulus Check has been announced by the state of California. If you’re single, your income is too high if it’s more than $3,500 higher than the poverty guidelines for your family size and location. If you’re married, however, things get more complicated. Your spouse’s income is included in your total household income when calculating whether or not it’s too high to qualify for Medicaid—even if they don’t live with you or receive benefits themselves.

Similarly, dependent children and dependent parents or grandparents can also affect whether or not a person qualifies for Medicaid coverage; their incomes are included when determining eligibility as well. Finally, beneficiaries of trusts are also considered part of a household and may have their own assets counted toward eligibility (although in some cases assets held in trust cannot be considered).

Stimulus Check Can Still Be Claimed

If you’re wondering whether or not to expect a second stimulus check, the answer is simple: you should expect one. Every single eligible American will get one—no questions asked! This means that if you were working and didn’t receive your first stimulus check, chances are pretty high that it was because of some sort of error on the part of whoever was handling your case.

As for how much your second stimulus check will be worth, this is also relatively easy to calculate: according to the IRT (Interstate Recovery Tax), which handles all tax returns and collection processes in America, every individual who worked at least 80 hours during Q3 2019 will receive $539.20 for each week he or she worked during that time period. That comes out to around $2,000 per year—the same amount as last year’s stimulus checks!

Finally, if there are any questions or problems regarding either of these two things (your eligibility status or how much money they’ll be sending over), contact an IRT representative directly at 877-IR-TAC (877-478-2222)!

If you haven’t gotten your stimulus check yet, don’t worry—there is still time! If you haven’t filed federal income taxes for this year, though, you probably won’t be eligible for a stimulus check. Even if you’ve filed your taxes, there’s no guarantee that the government will send out your check within weeks of receiving it. The IRS generally has about three months to process tax returns before making any payments (which means that if you file in January 2020, the IRS may not send out checks until sometime between April and June).


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