Long Siege Was Worth It: Stimulus Check Finally For Jefferson County Veterans

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Jefferson County veterans who have been denied their stimulus checks have finally started receiving it. But it was after a wait of over a year. Veterans realized that they had a tougher time fighting the nation’s bureaucracy for the payments from the IRS.

IRS officials continued to stonewall queries for information, though they were working behind the scene to give the veterans their stimulus check.

Veterans such as Jeff Fehlig finally got their stimulus check. It was a pleasant surprise when he found that his account had been credited with $1,836. He could not believe it at first. But he was finally sure that a breakthrough had been made, and he had got the combined amount of the second and third stimulus checks.

Fehlig said that it took him a year to get what others received more than a year ago. The widower, 64, said that the amount will help him immensely. He thanked all who made it possible for him to finally get his payment and said he could not thank them enough.

It was the same story for another couple who were saved by the intervention of Senator Blaine Luetkemeyer. He got involved and helped the Wentzville couple after he came to know about it from the press. The Senator contacted the IRS to help the couple get over $4,000 in stimulus payments. They had to wait months before they finally received what was rightfully theirs.

Stimulus Checks Delayed Because Of Lack Of Manpower At IRS

The IRS has been grappling with an acute shortage of manpower ever since the checks began to be processed by the tax authorities.

The authorities have given some information that could be of help to those still awaiting their stimulus check. They have informed that citizens can still claim any unpaid stimulus check from 2020.

They have said that the surest option to get a stimulus check is to file the latest return, even if your income is below the taxable limit.

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