Stimulus Check: Find Out What Florida Did?

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

The federal government of the United States of America is not giving any stimulus checks anymore. However, 17 US states decided to come forward to help their residents overcome inflation and provide relief payments to eligible people. 

Various states are now sending stimulus money to help citizens stay afloat during times of high living costs and get basic necessities like food and medication. Florida offered $450 to all households with dependents. 

States Offer Stimulus Check 

The California government is planning on providing $1,050 stimulus checks to eligible residents from October to January. This stimulus check is offered under their latest tax refund program for ‘Middle Class’ announced by Gavin Newsom, Governor, during the month of June. 

Residents of Colorado will get $750 as a tax rebate. This decision was approved in May by Governor Jared Polis. This stimulus money will be sent out by 2023 springtime. Delaware will send $300 checks to eligible residents in May 2023 after they received funds post-signing of the House Bill in April. 

Georgian residents can also expect a tax refund of $250 for married or single people filing taxes. $375 to households, and $500 to couples. Hawaii will provide relief payments ranging from $100 to $300 based on the income and tax filing by 31st December. Idaho will provide an income rebate and tax reduction of 12 % or $75, decided in House Bill 436, whichever is more. 

More State Relief Payments 

Illinois is giving $100 to dependents and $50 to individual residents. Indiana will provide $125 after Governor Eric Holcomb mentioned residents were owed state money. Maine residents already received $850 stimulus money through mail as a rebate from the state’s $730 million surplus budget. 

Pennsylvania gives tax rebates on the property from $250-$650 based on income. Virginian residents are eligible for tax rebates under the new law.