The US Secret Service Implementing Further Tight Policies For Their Agents

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There will be high penalties if anyone is found busy with their cell phones during duty hours. Minimum irresponsibility could cost you a job. Recently an agent while on duty was busy with their phone. When an intruder went into Jake Sullivan’s home.

After the incident, Director Kimberly Cheatle tightened the rules. He mentioned if anyone failed to do what they are entitled to do. There would be plausible consequences to their actions. In April Jake Sullivan was under surveillance. Agents who were on duty failed to notice an intruder walking and exiting the premises. A lack of responsibility might cause big trouble for the guys on duty.

A Hammered Guy Cost Secret Service Agents Job

The intruder was caught by Jake Sullivan himself. He told the guy who trespassed was intoxicated and entered the premises by mistake. The incidents occurred in the early morning at Sullivan’s home. There was already an ongoing investigation. Which is why the secret service agents were present in the house.

The insider told later when questioned about the agents on duty. They were perhaps busy with their personal devices during working hours when the intruder went in. They never saw the intruder. The intruder was later caught by Jake Sullivan and there was footage of him trespassing the building. The intruder left Jake Sullivan’s family and him unharmed.

The director of the secret service Kimberly Cheatle addressed the recent incident. And further mentioned there would be penalties when found failure during the operation hours. The agents who failed to fulfill their duties. They would be given 21 days of suspension. And might even be immediately removed from the department as well. They are breaking the law as being part of the law. The consequences won’t be comforting.