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Donda Premieres Sees Kim Kardashian As Surprise Attendant

Donda, the recent music album by Kanye West was premiered on Thursday. The party had a lot of celebrity attendance. The most significant of...

Dune Releases Trailer, Promises To Be A Major Hit

Dune, the opera about space, has just dropped its new trailers. From the initial look of it, the hype is already palpable. It promises...

Nope Revealed As The Title For Jordan Peele’s New Film

Nope was revealed to be the title of the upcoming release of Jordan Peele. The director who is well known for his thrillers released...

What Are Minor Cannabinoids, and Why Are They Important?

Growth predictions for the global cannabis industry continue to rise. Demand pent-up for a century is about to burst, bringing the world economy along...
Merrick Garland

Merrick Garland Issues Policy Restricting The Contact Of The White House!

The long-awaited contacts memo of the White House, by Merrick Garland, seems like law enforcement is heading towards more independence. Merrick Garland, attorney general,...