The Crown Season 5 On The Horizon

The Crown

After the release of the season 5 teaser, controversy has begun worldwide. With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, prince Charles became the new king. The palace did everything it could to protect Prince Charles, and even in season 2, they showed how Prince Charles struggled at Gordonstoun, exactly the same place where king consort Philip struggled, overcome, and became the man he was.

The Crown Is A Drama, Not A Documentary

Someone close to King Charles has told the media, with probable influence by King Charles, that The Crown isn’t a documentary but a drama series for entertainment. And director should advise such to the world before broadcasting such a teaser.

The global fan even TUDUM released a teaser of season 5. Season 5 will cover the married life of prince Charles and princess Diana and how things fall apart right under the nose of the Queen.

This season will also cover the BBC panorama interview of Princess Diana that shook the world and the palace to the core. In the interview, Princess Diana warned prince William about. And the broadcaster apologized for not keeping the interview’s integrity due to inevitable hiccups.

The ‘anonymous’ friend of the king shared that The Crown is ‘exploitative’. And further went on to say that The Crown is based on real people’s lives, and the director is feeding the public with it. The palace is worried about newly king’s reputation, which has been in the public eye since the 90s, which the public already knows about. And in the 94’s explosive interview, Charles declared that he cheated on Diana.

However, before the public started questioning the incidents that took place at the palace between the Prince and Princess of Wales, have declared a reminder to the people that it was just a dramatization, not the actual scenarios inside the Royal palace.