The Lost Symbol To Air On NBC

The Lost Symbol
The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol is one of the classic stories written by Dan Brown. It is a thriller that is loved by readers all around the globe. Dan Brown has been one of the finest writers in the recent past. He specializes in the thriller genre. Brown wrote a number of books that were loved by the readers. However, he shot to fame with his book ” The Da Vinci Code”. 

The Da Vinci Code was one of the most sold books of all time. It was later filmed and released on the silver screen. The movie was equally liked by the audience. The latest of Brown’s writings to hit the screen has been The Lost Symbol. It was initially released on the Peacock network. However, after a grand opening, it will now also be available for television viewers. The first eight episodes of season one have kept the audience on their edge. Let us have a detailed overview of the thrilling series below. 

The Lost Symbol Is Now On TV 

The production of the series has been spot on. The set and the lighting have to be praised. It captured the appropriate mood for narrating one of the chilling thrillers of recent times. The Lost Symbol was originally published as a book in 2009. It centers around the practice of Freemasonry. The story features Professor Robert Langdon is invited to a lecture. However, it is later found to be a trap. 

Langdon was trusted with a precious package. It was handed to him by his dearest friend Peter Solomon who was a mason of 33rd degree. Gradually, things get mysterious with the package. The story has an element of twist in almost every scene. Ashley Zuckerman, Valorie Curry, Eddie Izzard & Beau Knapp have been exceptional. The Lost Symbol is now available on NBC at 9 pm.