Grey’s Anatomy Facing New Real-Life Challenges

grey's anatomy

Abortion has become legal in some states of the United States, and recently in Grey’s Anatomy, the abortion episode kept the whole Sloan memorial hospital on its feet. Meredith Grey has moved to Boston, and with her gone, a new chief has come into the hospital. Abortion is not just abortion, a lot of emotions are attached to it. And the hospital’s tackling of the situation was a head-turning moment in the hospitality industry.

Dark Episode Of Grey’s Anatomy

If a woman wants an Abortion, society and the whole world judge her without thinking about her situation. In Grey’s Anatomy, the creators beautifully portrayed the message via their supporting character named Sierra. Who came to the Sloan Memorial looking to abort. She came to the hospital after noticing she has been spotting for weeks now. Later Dr.Jules Millin made sure her baby is okay and healthy. But the good news didn’t give her relief, moreover, she was devastated to hear the news.

She further told Dr.Jules that she does feel guilty for feeling like that, but it would have been a relief if she had a miscarriage. She has her reason which is shown in Grey’s Anatomy. So do all the women in the world. Sierra who is already a mother of two has been so exhausted with postpartum and other hormonal changes. She was scared to give birth to another baby. And both times she has faced post-pregnancy depression, she is afraid it would happen again. Ultimately the Grey Sloan Memorial responded to her request and got her surgery.

Grey’s Anatomy showed the exact procedure of abortion and how it should take place, all the doctors comforted her throughout the process when her husband stayed on phone. The new episode took the internet by storm, one wrote how cool it was for the Grey’s Anatomy show such an incredible scene on tv. And it was important for the audience to see it.

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