The Simpsons Might End At A Full Circle

The Simpsons
The Simpsons

Although it is certainly quite unimaginable to live in a world without  The Simpsons, Al Jean, the showrunner, has had ideas about its end anyway. In an interview with UK outlet Radio Times, Jean spoke about how the Simpson family could end their time on TV by simply riding off into the sunset- if he ever felt it was time to hang up the boots. And the showrunner has also mentioned that the entire path taken by the family over the last two decades of their runtime would resemble more of a circle, than a straight line.

Al Jean Has Revealed Ending Scenes Of The Simpsons 

In the interview, Jean mentioned that if he really had to end The Simpsons, he would go back to the very first episode that launched the series into superstardom- Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire- which was a 1989 holiday special, catapulting Homer and his family to success overnight. Jean believes that there would be no better ending for the show- but to put it up as a continuous loop.

Nevertheless, Jean hasn’t forgotten to mention that he has no reason to put those creative juices to the test, as neither 20th Century Fox nor the new owners of the Walt Disney Company, have asked him to end The Simpsons. Jean is quite frank about the whole situation- he believes that since the show has been doing so well especially on Disney+ in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the globe, there shouldn’t be anybody who would ask him to wrap it up and kill the proverbial cash cow. 

Jean also has plans of expanding The Simpsons to touch the 1000- episode barrier, after touching the 700-episode milestone in the early part of this year. He stated that he had done calculations that if they had to drag it to 1000 episodes, they would have to produce 12 more seasons- something that he wasn’t too unhappy about. Now, in 12 seasons’ time, he might have had enough- but until then, it was smooth sailing.