Shang-Chi, The Newest All-Inclusive MCU Project


A new trailer of the upcoming movie from the MCU franchise, Shang-Chi, is out. The character of Mandarin had been first introduced to the world through the MCU movie, Iron Man 3 as one of the villains. And now there is an exclusive movie about the character who is played by the actor, Tony Leung.

Tony Leung’s name in the movie is Wen-Wu and is the main antagonist. He is also the father of the protagonist of the upcoming movie, Shang-Chi. The character of the hero is played by Simu Liu, a Canadian actor. The news of the trailer was shared by the franchise over the social media platform, Twitter. They also gave the date of release which is scheduled on the 3rd of September. 

Shang-Chi Details

The plot details of the movie have not been revealed yet. However, the MCU franchise has been actively engaged in the promotion of the movie as the release date gets closer. “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Legend Of The Universe” is directed by the American film director, Destin Cretton. The movie is undoubtedly an amazing project of the 4th phase of the Marvel Universe as a new face has been introduced.  

The announcement of the upcoming film was made at the comic con that was held in the city of San Diego, California in the year 2019. Almost 90% of the movie was shot during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the team was successful in completing the shot despite the inconveniences. The entire Shang-Chi was successfully shot without a case of coronavirus. The movie is also special in the sense that it is exclusively based on the Asian background. Not a single project of the MCU had that kind of history before. It is a part of the idea of wider inclusivity of which is a commitment of the franchise.