Anthony Davis Claims He Is Enjoying The Play-In Fight

anthony davis

On Sunday, Anthony Davis had led the Los Angeles Lakers from the frontlines in their crucial victory over the Phoenix Suns. The Suns currently sit in 1st place in the Western Conference. The result let the Lakers maintain their gap with the Trail Blazers to just one game behind. After that, Anthony Davis expressed his fondness for the late-season competitive situation facing the Lakers currently.

It Has Been Fun For Anthony Davis

For Anthony Davis, admittedly, it has been a fun experience. He had scored 42 points alone in the match against the Suns. He continued that last year they had an amazing team. This season, though, is the first challenge that Davis is facing since signing for the Lakers. He said that the challenge is altogether different than the usual.

However, this may not be taken as a shining endorsement of the tournament for play-ins. It involves all the teams in rank 7 to 10 in the Eastern and Western Conferences, and only two spots in the playoff remains. As such, at least, Anthony Davis is getting some enjoyment from their attempts to avoid the tournament.

The Lakers currently sit in 7th place. They would have been playing in the tournament if the regular season ended as it is. At the start of the season, this situation was not expected from the team by anyone. However, both LeBron James and Anthony Davies suffered injuries that have caused their season to go awry. Davis has returned and James is set for a return in the current week.

There are four matches left to play in this year’s regular season for the L. A. Lakers. Thus, they are sparing no attempts to get at least sixth place in the Western Conference. The Lakers will have to win all 4 of their games and the Blazers will have to lose at least 2 of theirs for L. A. to get 6th.

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