Tom Brady Retires ‘For Real’ from NFL In 2023

Tom Brady
Tom Brady Announced His Retirement

Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in NFL history, announced his retirement from the league ‘for real’ ( because it is his second-time retirement) in an emotional 52-second video uploaded on social media.

“Good morning, gentlemen. I’ll go right to the point. ‘I’m retiring for good,’ declared the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback in the video, which was shot when he was lounging on the beach.”

He continued “It won’t be lengthy. You only get one very emotional retirement essay, and I used mine last year, so… truly, thank you all so much for your support.”

“My family, my friends, my teammates, and my rivals. I could go on and on since there are so many. Thank you for letting me live my perfect dream. I wouldn’t alter a single thing. I love you all.” Tom Brady said in his video.

Tom Brady Is One Of The Greats Of the Game

At age 43, Tom Brady is the oldest active quarterback in the NFL. He is also the only player to have played in six Super Bowls since being drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots.

Since joining the Buccaneers, Brady has led the team to the playoffs in each of his two seasons with the franchise. In 2020, Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, a record number for an individual player. He was also named the league’s Most Valuable Player for the third time in his career.

Brady has made it clear in the past that he plans to retire from the NFL after the 2023 season. In October 2020, he stated during an appearance on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” that he had a “pretty good number” in mind for his retirement year.

The quarterback’s confirmation of his retirement plans comes amid rumors that Brady may consider a return to the NFL after the 2023 season, this speculation escalated more after his divorce. The speculation was fueled by Brady’s recent comments that he would like to “keep challenging myself in different ways” after retirement.


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