Trump revises coronavirus deaths prediction to ‘hopefully’ under 100,000

President Trump, in a recent press briefing, made inconsistent claims about the number of lives saved by his coronavirus response team. According to John Hopkins University, the U.S has over 1.1 million Covid-19 positive cases with nearly 65,000 deaths. 

On Friday, at a coronavirus press briefing, Trump claimed his administration had succeeded in saving “hundreds of thousands of lives.” 

The President, later in the briefing, inflated his number to 1 million. Then he went on to 1.5 million, then 2.1 million. He finally claimed that 2.5 million lives had been saved by his task-force. 

The President had earlier revised his predicted coronavirus death toll several times as well. Trump initially anticipated around 200,000 deaths. A few weeks later, he changed the figure to 60,000 and on Friday, he put his estimation to a figure of 100,000.

Trump claimed that he was hopeful before he left the White House for his “working weekend” at Camp David.

Trump Threatens To Punish China For Its Nasty Virus

In a press briefing, President Trump told reporters his plans to punish China for the pandemic outbreak. He said he believes that the Xi Jinping government did not handle the COVID-19 situation well, which resulted in its massive outbreak. 

The President added, he was considering imposing new tariffs on Chinese goods, adding fuel to the China-USA trade war.

Trump further criticized Governor Kemp’s move to reopen Georgia and claimed that he supported reopening but does not think tattoo parlors and spas are essential. 

Sources predict Georgia as a swing state in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election.

A recent poll conducted by Quinnipiac University suggests Trump’s approval rating has taken a hit since the novel coronavirus outbreak. The poll revealed that the democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is favored by senior citizens over Trump by 55%.

Trump dismissed the poll by tweeting, “Fake Polling, just like 2016 (but worse)!”


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