Morgan Miller Shares Images Of 18-Month Daughter Swimming

Morgan Miller

Morgan Miller is celebrating a bittersweet milestone with her daughter Scarlet.

The mother, 36, posted a video of her 18-month-old daughter Scarlet Olivia receiving a swim lesson in the family pool on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. Her and her spouse Bode Miller’s late baby Emmy, who perished in a drowning at the age of 19 months in June 2018, came to mind as she was going through the process.

“Scarlet is the same age as Emmy was the day she drowned—exactly one month younger. Morgan stated in the caption, “We never put Emmy in classes, and when we attempted a month before she passed away, our swim teacher informed us she was too young to learn.

Morgan Miller Misses Her Daughter Terribly

She continued, “If you’ve got little kids, take that as an opportunity to sign them up for swimming water safe as we get increasingly nearer to pool season. Drowning is completely avoidable with ALL the different types of protection.”

Later, in a post to Instagram where she talked about mourning Emmy, Morgan shared another image of Scarlet swimming.

Morgan Miller acknowledged, “Watching Scarlet swim tonight made me realize that it’s been months where I’ve been running from the crippling pain of losing a child…that gut blow that makes it difficult to breathe.”

“I’ve changed. I’ve resisted crying. I’ve only wanted to feel nothing. When those grieving waves hit, I should have grieved and embraced the suffering, but instead… I look away, fight back my emotions, and resolve to try again tomorrow,” she concluded.

Emeline, sometimes known as Emmy, was 19 months old when Bode and Morgan Miller tragically lost her in a drowning tragedy.

Morgan, 36, told People in 2021, “She still gets Easter baskets, her photographs are all over the place, and her room is still here. “Her closet is still stuffed full.”