Uh Oh, Showtime Is No Longer With us


Canceling many shows Showtime won’t be returning. Rather they have decided to pair with paramount+, which is probably the worst decision they have made so far. They had other options to choose from, but they have chosen the worse probably. Seems like they have done it in a hurry. A bunch of shows was canceled due to this ‘not-so-abrupt’ decision. People calling it a dumb decision with a dumb name.

Showtime’s New Journey Begins With Being Merged With Paramount+

Showtime pairing with paramount+ came as a shock to many, many say it could have been paramount+ network or paramount network 2 premium edition. They came up with a less creative name. Even the name Showtime was better than rebranding their name with such. Seems like collapsing and people couldn’t find better ways to name it, the whole decision was taken in a hurry. Supposedly paramount+ showtime has been canceled by American Gigolo and Let The Right One In.

Another great show Three women have been too cut off by showtime, with its new best friend. American Gigolo has ended with the last nail in the coffin, and the second one is yet to find a new home.

The boss of the streaming platform is yet to make comments which he has done for his ‘employees’. And the announcement for their workers is going to be made at the end of February. A huge amount of money is involved, and massive amounts of shifts are going to take place, by removing shows with less than 10% of views. Other brands are tightening their grips like Warner brothers, and even HBO/discovery. And showtime has shifted from top-tier to the last position. Priorities have changed.