US Launches Retaliatory Syria Airstrikes Following Deadly Attack On American Base

Syria Airstrike

Wahington- The conflict in Syria is escalating after new attacks on the U.S. bases, following drone strikes in Syria that killed an American and left others injured. The U.S. launched its own airstrikes in retaliation. Overnight Friday, two new attacks targeted the U.S. bases in eastern Syria. U.S. officials told ABC News that five rockets were fired at one facility, injuring s U.S. service member. In the other attack, drones targeted the facility, but two out of three were shot down.

These latest incidents make four attacks on the U.S. forces in Syria Airstrikes in just 36 hours, with at least one of them being deadly. The U.S. hit back, using F-15s to destroy two Iranian-backed training and equipment facilities in Syria. Make no mistakes, the United States doesn’t seek conflict with Iran but be prepared for us to act forcefully to protect our people. That’s exactly what happened last night said, President Biden. These incidents have almost become commonplace after nearly 80 rockets or proxies in the last two years

Biden Officially Notifies Congress Of Syria Airstrike

President Joe Biden on Saturday notified Congress of his decision to authorize the Syria airstrike this week against what the US said were Iranian-affiliated facilities. The US airstrike came after a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an American contractor and wounding five US Service members.

The strikes, Biden said in his letter to Congress, were made in order to protect and defend the safety of the state’s personnel, to degrade and disrupt the ongoing series of attacks against the United States and their partners, and to deter the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iran backed militia group from conducting or supporting further attacks on the United States facilities.